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  • Ching-Sang Chiu Naval Post Graduate School (retired), USA
  • Chi-Fang Chen National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • Piotr Borejko TU Wien (retired), Austria
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ICTCA 2023 Plenary Meeting Speakers

Boris Katsnelson

⠗ University of Haifa, Israel
Title Mode coupling due to quasi-crossing of range-dependent modal eigenvalues (Landau-Zener transition) and its manifestation.

Elke Deckers

⠗ KU Leuven Campus, Diepenbeek, Belgium
Title Accelerating bounded and unbounded (vibro-)acoustic simulations: model order reduction activities at KU Leuven LMSD

Stefan Schoder

⠗ Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria
Title Computational aeroacoustics of confined flows

Oleg A. Godin

⠗ Department of Physics, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, USA.
Title Acoustic noise interferometry for passive remote sensing of the ocean

ICTCA 2023 Structured Sessions List

Applications of HPC in Acoustics

Ying-Tsong Lin and Kuangcheng Wu
Description for the Session:
High performance computing (HPC) has gained popularity in accelerating scientific computation, engineering design, big data analysis, and machine learning. Studies that highlight advantages of utilizing high performance computing across all acoustic fields are welcome.

Computational Aeroacoustics

Stefan Schoder
Description for the Session:
Computational Methods for computing aeroacoustics advanced significantly over time and are frequently applied to several theoretical and industrial applications. This structured session welcomes studies dealing with direct numerical simulations, hybrid methods, and integral methods to predict the sound emissions accurately.

Shallow Water Acoustics

Juan Zeng
Description for the Session:
The aim of the session is to share results of recent research in the broad field of shallow water acoustics. Abstracts related to shallow water, and any topics, such as ambient noise, reverberation, internal waves in shallow water environment along with geoacoustic inversion and source localization are all welcome.

Shear Waves in Underwater Acoustics

Oleg Godin and Charles Holland
Description for the Session:
The session aims to attract papers on and provide a forum for discussion of the underwater acoustic effects of shear waves in the seabed, ice cover, and man-made objects, such as unexploded ordnance (UXO) or piles for offshore platforms.

Sound Field Fluctuations in Underwater Variable Environment

Boris Katsnelson
Description for the Session:
Different properties and mechanisms of sound field fluctuations as manifestation of spatial and temporal variability of underwater medium.

Visualizing Sound Fields in 3D Space

Sean Wu
Description for the Session:
This session presents the latest technologies for locating sound sources and visualizing sound field in 3D space. Potential applications of these technologies can be found in mitigation of noise and vibration issues facing the engineers working in the automotive, aerospace, household appliances industries and more.